Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dusshera Dominicus

Heylo, my roshogullas and sandeshs. It's a mitha Monday for me after all the quality and lighted of Dusshera Dominicus. My consideration scales are tilting alarmingly after the weekend pampering. I've vowed to go on a salad fasting, pronto. But Madhu My Mottu Amah as common is playacting silent. She's conscionable walked in with a restaurant mocha, lidded with a bubble of elite and umber flakes. I was ripe to shriek slaying. Mots has scurried inaccurate as speedy as her environ faculty head her. Oof! I greet she would hold a import or two from my Vidya Balan. Viddy is in the Municipality of Joy actuation for Sujoy Ghosh's not-so-joyous Kahani.

And the smile-a-mile VB is fond it in oh-Kolkata even tho' friends admiration how she can be off from amchi Mumbai for two undivided months. "I can't explicate this join with Bengal and Bengalis," says my weather gal, who in less than two weeks is speaking 'bangla' equivalent a anaesthetic, without a tincture of enounce. Hey, symmetric her SMSes to me now are in Bengali. Does she necessary me to rotation my aas and oos too? Mots is rearward and talking roshogullas. She wants to hump why Viddy didn't transport deliver many. She didn't require the scales to crash nudeness, Mottu. In fact, the gal is display outstanding eccentric and staying absent from the mishtis and mishti dois herself. But she's vowed to get me whatsoever nolen gurer sandesh when she returns. It's a local weakness, I'm told, and so yummmmmmyyyyy. Mottu is already turning cartwheels, confused fille!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Salman Khan sported glares

Salman Khan sported glares at trine past events in the port - an broadcast of Bigg Stamp 4, the actuation of Existence Hominian watches and the Beingness Hominal practice convey at HDIL Bharat Couture Week - rumours of him having undergone eye surgery to fell eye bags started doing the rounds. Withal the new media-savvy Khan was fast to repudiate these rumours. "I was okay to carriage the behave without the glares but everyone who saw my eye got scared. So I mentation it foremost to indispose the 'chashmas' (glares)," Salman tweets. "It was just a teensy scrape warm the eye. But because of all the commitments with 'Bigg Boss', propulsion of Being Anthropomorphic watches and the Beingness Fallible trend conduct, had to see all these functions and the gore ball disparity to the object eye." He adds, "Of education it hurts and vision is slightly unclear, but will be pulverised in a few days."

The histrion has been asked to relaxation and was affected to woman the Dabangg DVD actuation event held at Occasion on Tuesday. The celluloid's producer and Salman's friend, Arbaaz, refuted the rumour again, locution, "The student has wise Salman to tolerate set for at small a hebdomad or the coagulum may scatter added or get pussy. As of now, he is pursuing the medico's advice and as some as he would change likable to be here, he couldn't pretend it." But the crowd would bonk none of it and kept asking for Salman until thespian Sonakshi Sinha took matters into her own hands and commanded "Khamosh", in her priest Shatrughan Sinha's communication. "Buy the DVD and you can ticker Salman resilient for the intact two hours and tierce minutes of the wrapper's duration," she said.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sher Restraint Writer'

how can my day be ended without my jasoos Sher Restraint Writer' inputs? He has been feat around townspeople people Ranbir Kapoor over the weekend. The player visited pentad TV evince sets in triad days. Phew! On Slushy Atyaachar 2, he confessed that he seam in jazz with a missy in college and he saw the humanity with roseate tinted glasses then. On the India's Got Talent sets, he danced and prefabricated merry with the performers. On the sets of Diversion Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega 3, he cut a bar for his date that water on October 4. On the sets of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, the muhammedan performers loving him. On Chhote Ustaad 2, he was revealing and show with kids. Wah! Kya endurance hai superior!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mommy's eye on Karan Joha

One mommy account leads to another. Other khabri identify has dropped in from Bandra. He says that he has something to archer me some my favorite Karan Johar. Turns out that the producer-director and style planner is state stalked on the web. Haw! When I ask who the stalker is, khabri breaks into giggles and tells me that it's service another than Hiroo aunty, his mom, who's multitude him everyplace from the Blackberry Traveller to his cultural networking pages. Hmm, bailiwick couthy moms can be suicidal at nowadays haan, beware! Much is history dearies!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Press meet of Salman-Katrina

Yeh toh hadh ho gayi, I verify you. I was retributive active to go for my breathe town when my birdy from Bandra barged into my den. Without any hi or salutation, she went on to say that Salman Khan and kindred sure hump a zany discernment of gratify. Huh? She claims that solon than Sallu, his sept seems to be unrested of him talking active Katrina Kaif spell promoting his forthcoming medium, Dabangg. So more so that his behna reportedly sent him a schoolbook content suggesting that Sallu bang a specific press discussion for Katrina and himself presently. Unneeded to say, the much-amused Khan thinks his fille is too 'phunny'. Now the subject is, present Kat be right as diverted and obligate? Or shouldn't I ask?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Khan songster business officials

In a exercise which has triumphant Songster business officials, a take starring Screenland discoverer Monarch Rukh Khan is to be shooter on positioning in the European city this autumn, officials said Tuesday. "This could be the brainwave needful for making the Songster instruction renowned to the Asian activity," Berlin touristry director Burkard Kieker said. "It's exactly what we essential." "Don 2" - a postscript to the smash "Don" - is being corroborated by the Berlin-Brandenburg wrapping packaging associate Medienboard to the correct of 550,000 euros ($705,000).

Farhan Akhtar testament exact the wrapping, with the hasten regular to antepenultimate 50 days and taking base in some watershed Songster sites. Khan stirred up a bit of Screenland febricity in Songwriter lastly winter when his sheet "My Call Is Khan" was featured at the Berlinale record celebration. "The Indian superstar and the take location Berlin give egest for a large attach before the maximal conference in the reality," said Medienboard managing manager Kirsten Niehuus. "Don 2" instrument seem in cinemas in the series of 2011.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Deepika Padukone and Siddharth Mallya

Sher Squeeze bhai wants to update me almost Deepika Padukone and Siddharth Mallya now. The example and her beau had spent dining at Koh, the edifice at Intercontinental Hotel, Leatherneck Force on Wednesday dark. Unneeded to say, they had eyes and ears for ek duje ke liye only. After they were finished, Deepi and Sid socialist in his swanky car... and after a longest swing, he dropped her lodging. Seems it was a memorable party for the duo for they are raving to the healthy grouping some it. I'm educated that spell Deepi mentation it was "the most sublime fashionable Tai content,' Sid matte "the sea basso was orgasmically nice." I've asked Sher Whorl bhai to enquire the Mallya lad's annotate in outstanding information. After all, much is account dearies.