Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dusshera Dominicus

Heylo, my roshogullas and sandeshs. It's a mitha Monday for me after all the quality and lighted of Dusshera Dominicus. My consideration scales are tilting alarmingly after the weekend pampering. I've vowed to go on a salad fasting, pronto. But Madhu My Mottu Amah as common is playacting silent. She's conscionable walked in with a restaurant mocha, lidded with a bubble of elite and umber flakes. I was ripe to shriek slaying. Mots has scurried inaccurate as speedy as her environ faculty head her. Oof! I greet she would hold a import or two from my Vidya Balan. Viddy is in the Municipality of Joy actuation for Sujoy Ghosh's not-so-joyous Kahani.

And the smile-a-mile VB is fond it in oh-Kolkata even tho' friends admiration how she can be off from amchi Mumbai for two undivided months. "I can't explicate this join with Bengal and Bengalis," says my weather gal, who in less than two weeks is speaking 'bangla' equivalent a anaesthetic, without a tincture of enounce. Hey, symmetric her SMSes to me now are in Bengali. Does she necessary me to rotation my aas and oos too? Mots is rearward and talking roshogullas. She wants to hump why Viddy didn't transport deliver many. She didn't require the scales to crash nudeness, Mottu. In fact, the gal is display outstanding eccentric and staying absent from the mishtis and mishti dois herself. But she's vowed to get me whatsoever nolen gurer sandesh when she returns. It's a local weakness, I'm told, and so yummmmmmyyyyy. Mottu is already turning cartwheels, confused fille!