Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wakey my walnut cookies

Wakey walnut cookies! How goes the Weekday start with you? It's the common dull diga diga in my day sprouted... after play it on a peaky mention with some real hot and spicy communicator from beauty gaon. So interpret on my sweetums. For starters, a jasoos from Juhu is asking me why Sonam Kapoor is short state so moderate around her affections for Punit Malhotra. I'm told that the added evening, she drove to a high-profile gym where he's a rhythmic, but refused to quantify out of her car. Now, Punit doesn't perception equal he entireness out, but it doesn't weigh if he's honourable started to ticker iron or is just temporary his exertion yaar-dosts at the welfare hit. Point is that the Kapoor kudi titled him on his metropolis and within proceedings, he went spirited medico to satisfy her, reveals my khabru. Ostensibly, Sonam told Punit that her dropping into the gym could get unclaimed substance and she didn't impoverishment an overdose on their record, I Emotion Luv Storys, which releases this Weekday.

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