Friday, July 2, 2010

Kangana Ranaut says

Free moi while I checker this substance that has righteous dropped into my kaaliberry inbox. So, I'm hip that Kangana Ranaut is the latest thespian to approve a manoeuvrable sound, now that she has inked the heap with Alcatel to be the braving of their Ice3 reach of handsets. Of layer, the money offered to Ranaut was no doubtfulness winning, but there's other module why the actress opted to go support the ambassadorship of the sort, says my informer. Seems Kangy was impressed with the fact that the phone had won the Nationalistic Accolade for the Unsurpassable Programme. Considering she too won the subsidization for Unsurpassed Supporting Actress for Practice, she gave her nod, says my traveler. Redemptive for her.

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