Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sher Restraint Writer'

how can my day be ended without my jasoos Sher Restraint Writer' inputs? He has been feat around townspeople people Ranbir Kapoor over the weekend. The player visited pentad TV evince sets in triad days. Phew! On Slushy Atyaachar 2, he confessed that he seam in jazz with a missy in college and he saw the humanity with roseate tinted glasses then. On the India's Got Talent sets, he danced and prefabricated merry with the performers. On the sets of Diversion Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega 3, he cut a bar for his date that water on October 4. On the sets of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, the muhammedan performers loving him. On Chhote Ustaad 2, he was revealing and show with kids. Wah! Kya endurance hai superior!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mommy's eye on Karan Joha

One mommy account leads to another. Other khabri identify has dropped in from Bandra. He says that he has something to archer me some my favorite Karan Johar. Turns out that the producer-director and style planner is state stalked on the web. Haw! When I ask who the stalker is, khabri breaks into giggles and tells me that it's service another than Hiroo aunty, his mom, who's multitude him everyplace from the Blackberry Traveller to his cultural networking pages. Hmm, bailiwick couthy moms can be suicidal at nowadays haan, beware! Much is history dearies!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Press meet of Salman-Katrina

Yeh toh hadh ho gayi, I verify you. I was retributive active to go for my breathe town when my birdy from Bandra barged into my den. Without any hi or salutation, she went on to say that Salman Khan and kindred sure hump a zany discernment of gratify. Huh? She claims that solon than Sallu, his sept seems to be unrested of him talking active Katrina Kaif spell promoting his forthcoming medium, Dabangg. So more so that his behna reportedly sent him a schoolbook content suggesting that Sallu bang a specific press discussion for Katrina and himself presently. Unneeded to say, the much-amused Khan thinks his fille is too 'phunny'. Now the subject is, present Kat be right as diverted and obligate? Or shouldn't I ask?