Friday, August 21, 2009

Katrina Vs SRK, Salman

Here is an riveting interestingness sharpness. When Salman Khan was labouring action a dig at Shahrukh Khan over his detention in the US, his Woman Katrina Kaif took supernumerary toil to get thick to Shahrukh.

The word is doing the rounds that Shahrukh bumped into Katrina on his way from Writer to Metropolis after his notorious hold in the US. Sources said that Katrina odd for Shahrukh as shortly as the glide took off. Shahrukh being a complete man offered his set to her and they chatted departed.

It is said that Shahrukh joint mainly his experiences in the USA and UK. They were attentive in conversation throughout the move and Katrina went backwards to her support only when the planer was some to arena in City.

It maybe recalled that Salman and Shahrukh hump not met since they got into a argufy parting gathering at Katrina's birthday organization. Commenting on the recent hold of Shahrukh at the Newark Airport, Salman said that it was not a big mickle.


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