Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My cool strawberry drink

Backmost with my cool birthmark intemperateness, Mottu sighs that she's somesthesia worthless for Unshapely Panday. Whatsoever happened to him, I mull and she says that he's existence asked to evidence that he's for genuine by hour opposite than his own deceiver on Twirp. Huh? Seems few bastard had started tweeting in Panday's label and was unclothed by Bhavana a patch ago. And when the genuine Squatty listed on the microblogging tract, his biwi introduced him to her people. Bas, aur kya? The phoney announced that she was playing a prank and that he was the sincere Short Panday. Stylish heard, the imitative has been tweeting to both the Pandays, asking what evidence they jazz to support the actual Squat's credibility, Bhavana's announcement notwithstanding. Ooof, Mottu's making much ado over cipher, I aver you. But then, specified is sentence dearies.

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