Friday, May 1, 2009

Give Your Best Smile

Smile is one of the best exercise to the human,the main importance of smile is relax our mind and remember your inner child. It is also differ form animals smiling should be fun, not strained or formal. Take a deep breath if necessary and wiggle your jaw until it unclenches and your face is relaxed. Smiles are not a physical one it is a mental depended. You need to think positive smile will be helps to think. Whatever it is that makes you want to smile, keep it in the corner of your mind and you can represent a natural smile any time you need it. Watch a comic on television or Chat with friends who entertain you, Just find something funny and laugh. There are several types of smiles are available, While a small smile may feel comfortable for many occasions, it is often the most likely look to be mistrusted. So keep smile and live a long life with cheer.

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