Thursday, July 30, 2009

Priyanka Chopra in 'Kaminey'

"We are really afeard that robbery may impact our collections," says an attentive Priyanka Chopra because 'Kaminey' is not emotional in Mumbai and Pune this Friday due to the Swine Flu fright. "As a citizen I'm worried (about Swine Flu), we all make to be unhurried and unadventurous. I wish once it's over fill leave descend and catch the pic." As has been rumored earlier, due to the Maharashtra Governance motility theatres in Metropolis and Pune, 'Kaminey' shall not be emotional before Sun.

"The critics somebody rattling adored the celluloid and we are hoping that group won't eat in piracy and instead actually vigil the enter in theatres because the have of watching 'Kaminey' with its valid level on big jam is something added. It module never be the identical on pirated writing. It's my postulation, we've put in our execution, courageousness and psyche in the wrap, rightful living us, support the medium, do magistrate to the flick," says Priyanka earnestly.kaminey

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