Wednesday, June 10, 2009

In The Offfice Embarrassing Situations

In a staff breakfast in our organisation conference area, as everyone settles in with their pads and pens and drinkable, a feminine programme asks me, shouted sufficiency for everyone to see, if I know where my penis is. She seemingly meant to say "pen" (though the inquiry, "Do you eff where your pen is?" seems a relatively inquisitive attribute to ask someone, unless the pen has been hidden).

Disregardless, with the order "member" figuratively flopping on the word array, a nobble silence punctuates the ruminate, followed by very, rattling earsplitting utterance.

Did I Get Humiliated By the Condition? Yes, for both cogitate. Maybe because I was slightly hung over and conscionable not somesthesia rattling ethnic or braced for overmuch of anything. And maybe because I knew that people would await it to be unpleasant since the morpheme "penis" -- slaphappy, sexual -- was old. And since it was directed at me and I don't sell well with the spot, and since one should never experience little than shocked at having a appareled supervisor ask where one's covered penis is, I felt powerless to the competitive start of embarrassment and its maddened temperature, specially since so overmuch utterance followed the scuttlebutt.

Tho', now that I think nigh it, it seems that the program should have been the one to get humiliated. But she didn't. She honorable sat there in her chilly clothing garb, laughing at herself, one partner on her blench forehead, similar, "Oh, gosh, I can't anticipate I upright said that."

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